Suunto Essential Watch – Elegant and Sporty

Suunto Essential Watch - Carbon

Suunto Essential Watch – Carbon

In March 2015 Suunto released the new Essential Collection, which features the Suunto Essential watch in six different models. Suunto Essential is a fascinating watch with an incredible design and lots of features. Suunto created this watch for adventurers who care about what they wear. The collection consists of 6 watches – Suunto Essential Copper, Gold, Steel, Carbon, Slate and Stone. The watches differ by color, casing, strap and price. The first four models have a leather strap and polished metal casing while the others have a textile strap and matte metal casing.  The Suunto Essential watches with leather straps are more expensive and look more elegant. What about the features? Well, Suunto Essential offers the same features as Suunto Core which makes it appropriate for mountaineering, hiking, trekking and similar activities. We could say that Suunto Essential is an elegant version of Suunto Core.  This makes Suunto Essential perfect for those who want a functional watch which looks good for everyday use as well as during sports activities.

1. Specifications

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Feature/Product Suunto Essential
Weight4.23 oz.
Weight (Metric)120 g
CasingStainless Steel (brushed or matte finished)
LensSapphire Glass
Water Resistance30m
Battery Life12 months in time mode
LanguagesEN, DE, ES, FR
AltimeterYes (Barometric)
Hear Rate MonitorNo
Additional FeaturesDepth meter, sunrise/sunset times, dual time

 2. Short Review

Suunto Essential Collection

Suunto Essential Collection

Suitable for:

  • Everyday use
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking
  • Walking
  • Backpacking


What is outside?

The Suunto Essential is a durable and high-quality watch. The watch is made of stainless steel which is, as mentioned above, polished or matte finished. The lens is of course scratch- and abrasion-resistant. This is achieved by the use of sapphire glass which is nearly twice as hard as standard glass, and nearly as strong as a diamond. Sapphire crystals have a compressive strength of 20,000 kilos per square centimeter – about ten times that of stainless steel.  In practical terms, this means that the lens of the Suunto Essential watch is almost impossible to scratch or break. The leather strap with which Suunto Essential Copper, Gold, Steel and Carbon are equipped is made of Italian or Brazilian leather.  The strap is good looking, soft and comfortable. The only downside of the leather strap is that it could degrade with prolonged contact to water. The Slate and Stone watches have textile strap which seems more durable and rough but also a little less elegant. The watch comes packed with a cleaning cloth, pencil, field notebook, guide and a quality certificate, personally signed by the person who has assembled it. All Suunto Essential watches are hand-built in Finland. The luxurious packing makes this product perfect for gifts.


What is inside?

The Suunto Essential is equipped with barometer, thermometer, altimeter and compass.  These features make the watch perfect for mountaineering, hiking and any other outdoor activities. The barometer shows a sea level pressure and a pressure trend graph.  This allows you to easily predict the weather. Sudden changes in pressure are seen on the trend indicator which is shown just above the time. This is very convenient because you don’t have to press any buttons to see the changes. The watch is also equipped with a storm alarm which detects drastic changes in the pressure and warns you about them with a tone. The thermometer is useful for measuring the temperature of water or air. However, you will have to remove the watch from the wrist to get an accurate measurement. The altimeter is very useful for navigation. The watch also shows an altitude graph, total ascent/descent, records altitude changes and saves them into the log. The compass provides you directions in degrees and allows you to lock the bearing. Additionally the watch has a depth meter for snorkeling which can track depth up to 10 meters below the sea level. The watch is also equipped with an alarm, dual time, countdown timer, stopwatch, electro-luminescent backlight, button lock and sunrise/sunset times. The battery is user-replaceable and has an expected lifetime of 12 months in time mode.


All in all

Suunto Essential is a great watch which efficiently merges elegance and sportiness. This watch can be worn on the most difficult hiking trails as well as in high-level meetings. This is a perfect watch for those who need a multi-purpose product which will last for ages.

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