Fleece VS Synthetic Fill Jackets: What to choose?

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of fleece jackets has decreased, and many hikers have replaced their fleece apparel with jackets insulated with synthetic fill. While synthetic fill jackets are indeed warmer for the weight and pack smaller, fleece does have certain advantages over synthetic fill. I own a fleece jacket (Mountain Hardwear…

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Fleece VS Synthetic Fill Jackets

Comparison of Mid-Layer Materials

Mid-layer is an important part of a layered clothing system because it provides insulation and thus keeps your warm in cold conditions. The term “mid-layer” is often confusing to those who are new to hiking because it can apply to various garments. Fleece jackets, woollen sweaters, down jackets and jackets with synthetic insulation are all…

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Polartec Power Stretch