Experiment: Does Polyester Really Dry Faster Than Merino Wool?

High quality hiking base layers are these days made either of polyester or Merino wool and online you will find a lot of information about these two materials, especially pros and cons. Polyester is labeled as quick-drying, durable, light and cheap while Merino wool is considered breathable, pleasant to the touch and extremely moisture-wicking. Many…

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Polyester vs Merino Drying Time - Experiment

Why you should wear Merino wool clothing?

Hiking, trekking and mountaineering are strenuous activities which require high performance clothing that keeps you comfortable no matter the conditions. The performance of a garment greatly depends on the material out of which it is made. The most common materials for hiking clothing are polyester, Merino wool, down (for insulation), nylon and other synthetic materials….

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Why you should wear Merino wool clothing