Suunto 9 Navigation: How does it work?

If you’re interested in Suunto 9 watch, you probably want to know what the navigation on this watch offers. Navigation is one of the core functionalities of Suunto 9. It’s especially useful for those who are into hiking, mountaineering and backpacking. Nevertheless, navigation is also great for running, cycling and other outdoor sports. Especially when…

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Route navigation - the peak POI is seen some meters from the current location

Suunto Body Resources and Sleep Tracking: Hands-on

In October 2019 Suunto added body resources and sleep tracking to their Suunto 9 watches. I’ve had my Suunto 9 watch since September 2018, but I haven’t been really using these two features until a couple of weeks ago. According to Suunto, the tracking of body resources and sleep requires that you wear the watch…

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Suunto Body Resources and Sleep Tracking: The Basics

GPS Accuracy: Suunto Ambit vs Suunto 9

In 2018, I switched from Suunto Ambit 2 to brand-new Suunto 9. Suunto Ambit 2 was and is an extraordinary watch. It’s durable, simple to use and very accurate when it comes to GPS tracking. Furthermore, the battery life is just amazing. I was using the watch daily for no less than four years and…

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GPS Accuracy: Suunto Ambit 2 vs Suunto 9

Official: Suunto is discontinuing Movescount

In fall 2018 I contacted Suunto’s support to ask them if they are planning to make it possible to sync moves from the new Suunto smartphone app to Movescount. It really annoyed me that this was not possible because I had to connect my new Suunto 9 to my computer via a cable to see…

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Suunto Movescount

Experiment: How reliable is Suunto’s FusedTrack Feature?

The new Suunto 9 watch comes with an innovative feature called FusedTrack which according to Suunto improves GPS tracking accuracy while the watch is in battery saving mode. The watch has two battery saving modes; Endurance and Ultra. In the Endurance mode the watch retrieves GPS position every 60 seconds and in the Ultra mode…

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Suunto FusedTrack

How Accurate are Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitors?

Many new sports watches feature wrist-based heart rate tracking and ever since I bought the Suunto 9 Baro watch with wrist HR, I’ve been wondering how accurate the readings actually are. I’ve read a lot about the accuracy of wrist heart rate monitors online, but I haven’t found a single article that would be based…

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How accurate are wrist heart rate monitors?

Suunto 9 Baro Multisport GPS Watch Review

Several months ago, I purchased the new Suunto 9 GPS watch and since then I’ve been wearing and testing it on a daily basis. I’ve been wearing the watch for activities such as hiking, running, cycling, walking and more. I decided to switch to Suunto 9 from my old Suunto Ambit 2 because I was…

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Suunto 9 Baro - Watch face

How to use barometer on a Suunto watch to predict the weather?

Many Suunto watches are equipped with a barometer which is indeed a very useful feature because it allows you to predict the weather and alerts you if thunderstorms are developing. A barometer measures atmospheric pressure which is the weight of the air from the top of atmosphere all the way down to you. Since the…

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How to use barometer on a Suunto watch

What are GPS tracks and how to use them for hiking?

If you are into hiking, you have probably already heard about GPS tracks also known as GPS routes, GPS trails etc. GPS tracks are very useful for hiking because they make it simple and hassle-free to navigate on trails. A GPS track contains information about the trail such as geographical coordinates, altitude and distance. You…

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