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Hi, we are the family behind Nail the Trail!

The family behind Nail the Trail

The family behind Nail the Trail

We hike, climb mountains, test hiking gear and follow the latest innovations in hiking equipment. The team behind the website is nothing more and nothing less than our little family. Since 2014 we have written about our hiking adventures in various countries, tested and reviewed outdoor gear and apparel, and covered various topics in our hiking tips articles. Our family consists of Blaz, Laura and little MK. Below you can read more about each of us. If you want to learn more about the website, check out the Introduction to the Website.

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I started hiking in mid 2000s. I did my first hikes and mountain climbs in the Alps which remain my favorite destination. In the last 10 years I also hiked in England, Iceland, Norway and other countries known for spectacular nature. Although I love scrambling, I’ve been for the last year mostly enjoying easy trails while carrying our daughter in the child carrier pack.



I was born in fall 2019 and ever since I could sit up straight, my parents (i.e. my dad) has been carrying me in my Poco for our hiking adventures. I like to fall asleep in the child carrier, and then make a big fuss when I wake up so my parents have to make stops on the weirdest locations.



I loved to climb trees when I was a child – as an adult I use these skills for climbing and scrambling up mountain sides! Ever since I became a mum I try to avoid the more risky paths, but the urge to go up or down some steep mountain side is still there. I always wear a Merino base layer, sunscreen and my hair tousled.

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