Child Carrier Packs

Is there anything better than bringing your children, big and small, into nature and showing them the pleasure of hiking and outdoor experiences? While older…

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Osprey Poco Plus

Expedition Backpacks

Here we selected and reviewed the best expedition backpacks with a capacity of 70 liters or more. Such backpacks offer enough storage space for expeditions…

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Best Expedition Backpacks - Gregory Baltoro

Waist Packs

On shorter hikes with stable weather you might feel a little silly bringing a huge backpack (which has to be packed sufficiently to provide stability)…

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Osprey Tempest 6 lumbar waist pack

Hiking Daypacks

A backpack allows you to easily organize and carry food, water, accessories, equipment and additional clothing. Therefore, it is required for all but the shortest…

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Osprey Talon 22

Backpacks for Kids

Hiking and scouting can be great activities for children and adolescents. Unfortunately, the offer of high-quality backpacks suitable for children is quite limited in comparison…

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Gregory Wander 50 Kids