Principles for Reviews

We have the aim to guide our readers to the best hiking gear and apparel available in order to stay true to the name. That means that we don’t review just anything, but have a more narrow focus on high-quality products from both established brands as well as promising newcomers. If you think your company has a product which can live up to our expectations, feel free to contact us.

Before contacting us, it might, however, be a good idea to make yourself acquainted with our principles for receiving, testing and reviewing products:

1. We are not paid to review products.

We don’t receive any payment or compensation for the reviews we do or have done in the past. This is to ensure that we can keep our integrity and be 100 % honest when we write. We are, however, always happy to become affiliates of the brands we have successfully reviewed products for. At the moment we are set up through the affiliate platforms AvantLink and CJ Affiliate.

2. We take our time to review things thoroughly

After receiving the product, we generally take around two months to test it thoroughly under various conditions and write the review. Simple accessories (like socks, hats etc.) can be tested and reviewed faster, but we can’t/won’t receive a product one week and publish a review the next. Upon agreeing on testing and reviewing a product, we will usually provide the sender with an approximate publishing date for the review.

3. Our reviews are honest

If the product should somehow not live up to our expectations due to performance or quality issues etc. we will contact the sender, and agree on what to do. If the product scores an overall rating of less than four out of five, we can offer to simply not publish the review, but it is up to the sender. We will not change the review or rating.

4. We share the reviews on social media

Once the review is published, we will of course notify the sender and also tag the company when we share the review on our social media. So far, we are mostly active on Facebook and Pinterest but we do plan to expand Instagram as well.

5. Reviewing a product does not guarantee it a spot among Recommended Products

A review is not a guarantee that the product in question will be listed in one of our selections of Recommended Products. If we end up listing a product that we have reviewed, it is solely based on our own belief that the product in question is on par with the other products.