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Nathan VaporAir 3.0 Hydration Vest Review

I received the Nathan VaporAir 3.0 hydration vest in the beginning of the summer, which was perfect due to nice weather. I immediately started wearing it for long distance running, hiking and even via ferrata trails. Now, VaporAir 3.0 is not my first hydration vest from Nathan. I also have the previous model, the Nathan…

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Ombraz Viale Armless Sunglasses with Side Shields Review

In the heat of summer, I received the Ombraz Viale sunglasses and immediately started wearing them for everyday use, hiking, travelling and even running. I wanted a pair of Ombraz sunglasses ever since I tried my girlfriend’s Ombraz Classic sunglasses. So, what’s so special about the Ombraz sunglasses? Well, they are armless, which has many…

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The side shields are relatively easy to put on

Solo Stove Campfire Review

This summer we’ve been regularly using the Solo Stove Campfire for camping, beach trips and in the garden for extra coziness. The American company Solo Stove has become popular for their smokeless and portable fire pits of all sizes. Today they also produce other products such as pizza ovens, patio heaters and TerraFlame table bowls….

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You add wood through the small hole in cooking ring when you have a pan on it

Suunto 9 Navigation: How does it work?

If you’re interested in Suunto 9 watch, you probably want to know what the navigation on this watch offers. Navigation is one of the core functionalities of Suunto 9. It’s especially useful for those who are into hiking, mountaineering and backpacking. Nevertheless, navigation is also great for running, cycling and other outdoor sports. Especially when…

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Route navigation - the peak POI is seen some meters from the current location

Inflatable vs. Foam Sleeping Pads: What is better?

If you’re new to backpacking, you might find yourself in a dilemma whether to buy an inflatable sleeping pad or a closed-cell foam model. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand the key differences between both product types before making the purchase.  Here we’ll delve into the comparison of inflatable…

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Inflatable sleeping pads require a bit more work. They have to be inflated/deflated and packed

The 5 Best Hikes in Slovenia

Slovenia is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe that offers great possibilities for outdoor sports. If you’re into hiking, you’ll for sure find something you like in Slovenia, whether you seek challenging mountain trails or leisurely walks through picturesque countryside. The Alps in the northwestern part of Slovenia are the most popular destination…

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Ascent to Mount Stenar

Power Banks vs Solar Chargers: What is Better for Backpacking?

Today most people take one or more electronic devices with them when they go backpacking. These devices typically have rechargeable batteries, and their batteries often don’t last for the duration of the whole trip. That’s especially true for smartphones, handheld GPS devices, GPS watches and headlamps. To recharge these devices, you’ll need a device that…

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Power Banks vs Solar Chargers

Hiking Tolsti Vrh and Kriska Gora in Slovenia

In the spring I was in Slovenia and of course I wanted to go hiking. The weather was unfortunately quite bad during my stay and thus I really struggled to find a day suitable for hiking at higher altitudes. Nevertheless, there was an opening in the middle of…

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Tolsti Vrh - Kriska Gora Trail: View just before the village of Gozd

Sleeping Bags vs. Quilts: What to choose?

Over the last few years, the popularity of sleeping bags has significantly decreased as many backpackers started using quilts instead. Quilts are basically lightweight insulated blankets and there is no doubt, that they’re great. They are very comfortable, lightweight and easy to fit in the backpack because they pack very small. However, sleeping bags do…

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Sleeping Bags vs Quilts