Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – First Hand Review

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top

Merino wool clothing is, due to its superb performance, widely used by hikers, mountaineers and other outdoorsmen. Base layers made of Merino wool are particularly popular because they offer great temperature regulation, breathability, UV protection and have superb anti-microbial properties. Merino wool can also be used for mid layers but Merino mid layers are not as common as synthetic mid layers.

Approximately two months ago I received the Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top and I was eager to test it on my “Hiking Iceland” tour. Here is what I learned.


The product is suitable for:

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking
  • Backpacking
  • Everyday Use



The Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top is made of 100% ultrafine Australian Merino wool with the density of 400g/m2. This is the highest grade of Merino wool available. The fabric is therefore very soft and doesn’t cause any itching. The main advantages of the fabric are superb antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, temperature-regulation, breathability and UV protection.

I was really surprised by the excellent odor control. I used this top on two hikes so far without washing it after and there is still no sign of odor. The top is designed for cold and moderate weather and can be used as a mid layer or an outer layer. I would say that the maximum temperature for comfortable use as an outer layer is around 15 °C. But this also depends on the strength of the wind.

In the Icelandic windy conditions I noticed that the fabric doesn’t provide as good wind protection as some synthetic fabrics like for example Polartec. What I liked the most about the material is its overall performance and how pleasant it is to the touch.

Comfort, fit and functionality

The top is extremely comfortable to wear. The fit is loose in the torso area but it gets tighter in the sleeves – at least for my body. The material is not as stretchy as most synthetic materials. However, this does not decrease the comfort or functionality of the top. The top is equipped with a ¼ zipper which comes in handy during changing weather. It allows you to easily control the ventilation and therefore you don’t have to take off the top every time when it gets warm. When zipped, the collar reaches the chin and thus provides additional warmth. The seams are flatlock stitched and don’t cause any rubbing or chaffing. The interior label is printed and therefore also doesn’t cause any abrasion.

The downside of this extremely comfortable top is its weight. With the fabric’s density of 400g/m2 it is heavier than most tops made of synthetic materials. I also missed thumb holes in the sleeves, which come in handy when wearing gloves because they prevent the sleeves to ride up your arms. However, this top satisfies the needs of most hikers. It’s comfortable and the fabric provides superb functionality. Another good thing about it is that it looks stylish enough to wear even to a meeting. I actually tried that and nobody figured out that I was wearing sports apparel.

Washing and drying

Merino wool clothing takes longer to dry than synthetic clothing but this is not really a problem because it provides warmth even when it is wet. The top is machine washable but can only be washed in cold water.


I wore the Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top for the first time on Helgafell trail in Iceland. The top (used as an outer layer) kept me warm throughout the hike but when approaching the top of the mountain I had to put my windstopper jacket over it because the wind became too strong. The product performed great both as a mid layer and as an outer layer. Even though it was soaked with sweat it provided good warmth.

The second time I used the top was on the Mount Esja trail. The weather was warmer and less windy. Therefore, I quickly got warm wearing it. However, the extremely handy zipper allowed me to efficiently control the temperature and I didn’t have to take it off. After the hike I dried the top and checked it for signs of odor, but there were none which I find quite incredible.

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top - Back

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – Back

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top - Packaging Front Side

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – Packaging Front Side

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top - Packaging Back Side

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – Packaging Back Side

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top - Front

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – Front

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top - Side

Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top – Side



I field tested this product. The rating shows its overall performance.About Rating


  • Extremely soft material
  • Temperature regulation
  • Moisture wicking
  • No itching
  • High collar
  • Stylish


  • Weight



Tested by: Blaz
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Product: Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top
Final rating: 4 out of 5

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